Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Since 2011, Power On have been developing a highly skilled team of engineers and support staff with vast amounts of industry experience to help businesses throughout the UK provide complete audio and visual systems. These systems are designed and installed bespoke to you and benefit from the very latest technology. Our aim is always to put technology into your hands and our engineers carry that message with them each and every day.

Hotel Television Systems

Whether it is a full hotel IPTV roll out or just a single screen in a single room, our approach is always the same. Putting control back into your hands.

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Large Format Display Screens

Communicate your message to a large audience with digital screens perfect for theatres, conferencing and stadiums.

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Digital Signage

Get tailored solutions for your internal communications. We plan, design, and build your digital signage solution exactly how you want it.

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Commercial AV Services

If you’re looking to fit-out your board room with the latest AV equipment, we are specialists in integrated technology.

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Hotel Television Solutions

Exceeding your customers’ expectations is essential for repeat business in the hotel industry. From the moment a guest enters your building they are looking for their experience to be as seamless as possible. Aside from providing great customer service and great accommodation, we believe the most important aspect for exceeding expectations is the technology available to the customer.

We supply a diverse range of hospitality technology to satisfy the guest looking for an entertainment rich stay in your hotel. Not only can we supply and install the latest televisions with unlimited access to films, television, music and more in each room, we can provide solutions for superfast internet access too. Our solutions allow you, as the hotel, to personalise the experience each guest receives to help curate their experience as a good one.

Hotel TV Screen Solutions
Hotel TV Screen Solutions

We only look to supply clients with industry-leading television solutions and will manage the whole process from planning to installation as well as providing professional support afterwards. If you’re looking to enhance your customer experience in your hotel, or simply seeking a better way to communicate with guests, get in touch with us today.

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Support
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Theatre, Conferencing & Stadium Screens

Large format display screens are perfect for communicating messages to large groups of people all at once. Whether you’re giving a lecture in a theatre, engaging in a business conference, or actively communicating with people at a large event, being able to provide a clear and crisp message is essential. We can provide large displays for permanent outdoor placement and even displays designed for use 24/7.

We typically install large format screens with other audio-visual technology to further enhance the ability to provide visual imagery and sound to the intended audience. For our theatre and conferencing solutions we often install projection systems, interactive panels, document cameras, microphones and speakers.

Stadium Screen
Lecture Theatre Screens

Large Format Displays are an essential part of the digital display solution, particularly for locations where presentations and conferences take place. We can create bespoke solutions for your business and purpose, including integrating technology such as these:

  • Projector Installations
  • Conferencing Solutions
  • PA Solutions
  • Large Format Displays
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Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is a fantastic way to deliver information to staff and customers in high-traffic areas. Utilising the latest screen technology in your reception, communal, or hotel lobby area is a great way to advertise local businesses, share live news feeds, or promote internal communications. The range of options you have with our high-quality digital signage solutions means you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to share on the screens.

Wherever you are looking to install your new digital signage, we have done it before and are experts in it. Our screens can be mounted on the wall, from the floor, from the ceiling, or on its own unit for easy manoeuvrability. We are also able to install screens against external windows to promote your services to pedestrian traffic walking past.

Digital Advertising Signage

The uses for digital signage previously mentioned are more of a fixed solution. We are also able to help you with solutions at your next exhibition or show. The digital signage can help bring in potential customers or deliver a message to the masses without having to speak to every single person.

  • LED Screens
  • Window Displays
  • Advertising Screens
  • Internal Communication
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Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Modern businesses rely on efficient and effective audio-visual services, yet most are not utilising the vast range of technological products available to them. Whether you’re a retail outfit not making use of multiple screens that showcase your products or latest offers, or a corporation reliant on up to the minute statistics and live news feeds that hasn’t utilised large format displays and interactive work spaces, we are experts in finding a tailored solution that works for you and solves your most pressing issues.

Our team can provide a range of specialist AV services for corporate customers that integrate within the established setup or replace what already exists. As well as providing television screens, we can incorporate audio installations, PA systems, microphones and speaker systems too. This enables you to deliver a complete audio-visual experience. Using the latest desktop connectivity and the best peripheral technology, you’ll experience seamless transition from desk to boardroom.

Conference Room Screen

We can provide exceptional audio-visual solutions that perform exactly as you’d expect when you need it most. Our brilliant team of experts can identify and advise on the perfect solutions for your business.

  • AV Furniture
  • Audio Installations
  • Visual Aids & Screens
  • Future Proofing & Rewiring
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